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These are the websites run by NaperMed, Inc.


    This site is designed for for easy rental of several types of portable tables, including exam, massage, conference and spa tables.  You can also rent other pieces, such as portable massage tables, desktop portals, spa chaises, hot towel cabinets, and other positioning devices.   We also rent eye surgery recovery equipment and recovery packages, designed for face down recovery after macular hole or retinal detachment surgeries.  We have been renting these since 2007, and have extensive referral relationships with surgeons and practices that offer retinal surgeries to their patients.


    This site includes purchasing options for our own skin care and personal care items, as well as massage, spa, medical, athletic training and fitness products.  Accessories for professional products at include table paper, pads, covers, sheets, gowns, lotions, and other supplies.  A selection of natural personal care products is also available.