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About Us

NaperMed, Inc. is a company dedicated to health and wellness products and services.  We work with medical, massage, university, corporate, small business, and individuals.  We operate three brands.

During COVID, we also founded our ibodycare brand, a natural skin care, massage and personal care brand.  We offer organic, all-natural products free from hormone interrupters and biomutagens.  We also offer an excellent selection of massage, medical and chiropractic equipment, fitness products, and personal care items on this health and wellness site. Learn more at

Founded in 2007, our brand rents portable exam and therapy tables and chairs nationwide for healthcare professionals that travel.  Our customers include a wide range of people who take care of other people.  This includes health associations, universities, professional, college and high school teams and competitions, outdoor event organizers, PR firms, Media sources, education providers, therapists, physicians, lawyers, and anyone else organizing the core of one or more people on a table or therapy chair.  Our service includes excellent planning, support, and care of the rental process from end to end, as well as a selection of equipment to choose from when renting. Visit us at for rental information.

Our Amazon store is known as  We are experienced retailers with long-running, analytical strategy applied to the Amazon marketplace.  We offer our own ibodycare products for sale here, as well as quality products made by other manufacturers including Oakworks, Earthlite, and more.  Visit our MassageSupplier on Amazon store.

How We Began

Napermed Inc. was founded on a handshake.  Our owner and President, Allison Ishman, is a clinical therapy practitioner with over 19 years experience in running private practices.  When consolidating multiple offices into a single Naperville location, extra equipment was rented to friends and colleagues around holidays and vacations. 

When a local school district needed portable tables for children's cardiac scans, we located extra portable tables for the event.  As one school district referred another to our clinic, we reached out to partner with Oakworks, and launched in 2008.  We co-branded MassageSupplier to provide purchasing options to our renters, and grew our equipment rental offerings to include spa chairs, economy tables, desktop portals, body cushions, bolsters, and accessories.  We also expanded our transportation network to serve customers better. 

As the medical community found us and explained their needs, we grew to offer exam and conference table rentals which ship by the pallet.  Our resources expanded to provide discounts on shipping, multiple carriers to more affordably serve Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska, and savings programs for repeat renters and good customers.  We expanded into offering pain management and ultrasound tables in response to new demand, and now serve medical offices with a variety of innovative products from over 10 manufacturers of tables, positioning equipment and supplies.

Our Rental Customers

We are now pleased to include many associations in our client list, along with some great business organizations.

Our client list now includes: 

  • American Massage Therapy Association
  • American Urological Association
  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • American Polarity Therapy Association
  • NBC Studios
  • Saks Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NY
  • LPGA – Ladies Professional Golf Association
  • Dr. Oz’s Free Clinic thru MTI Event Management
  • Men’s Health, Rodale Press
  • The NBA Combines through GES Exposition Services
  • Penn State
  • Pfizer
  • Philips Medical
  • NASA
  • NBA Players Association
  • Bellin Memorial Hospital
  • South Carolina Hospital Association
  • Maryland General Hospital
  • Children's Hospital of Michigan
  • Tulane University
  • Texas A and M University
  • The Care Foundation
  • and many more!


Medical providers on the go can rely on to provide quality equipment for rent or purchase!