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NaperMed is here to help during COVID-19

As the medical community reaches out for affordable, quality equipment and supplies during a challenging US economy, cost-savings couldn't come at a better time and place.  As a quality provider of exam and massage equipment, supplies, and personal care products, we want to help.

With such good quality health care services available to Americans today, health care providers need to concentrate on their successes and take care of patients.  NaperMed, Inc. offers the most innovative products and services to health care providers needing affordable, accessible and practical equipment solutions.

We have partnered with many innovative product manufacturers, including a leading medical and therapy equipment maker called Oakworks, who is based in New Freedom, PA.  "We are excited to move forward as new innovations continue in medical and therapy equipment manufacturing, and are equally focused on the needs of organizations and individuals best served by renting in this economy," says Allison Ishman, President of NaperMed.  "Prices are affordable for the equipment we carry, and we have successful relationships due to our focus on customer service."

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